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3D Modeling

Lego Figure Virtual Environment

On the foundation of the previous Lego Figure, the scene has been further designed and enriched. Additionally, a Skybox has been integrated into the scene to enhance the ambiance and visual depth.



I designed a traditional Chinese medieval weapon called 'Zhanmadao' using MAYA. This was the second assignment for the course. In this project, I learned how to make basic material adjustments.


Lego Figure

I designed a personalized Lego Figure based on the structure of existing Lego figures, and brought it to life using MAYA. The theme reflects an imaginative version of myself. The pose I chose depicts a basketball player performing a layup.


Snow Man

The snowman model was crafted using MAYA. It was one of my initial projects when I was just starting to get familiar with the software, and I created it specifically for a class assignment.

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